Privacy Policy

We are committed to ensuring the privacy of personal information provided to the company by customers, employees, vendors, business partners, and other stakeholders. This policy contains information on how and why we collect your personal information, how we use that information, and keep it secure. This policy also outlines how to access your personal information and what control you have over our use of that information.

This policy is a public document and has been developed to provide transparency and openness in relation to personal data collection and management. We are committed to complying with the Commonwealth legislation governing privacy (the Privacy Act 1988, the National Privacy Principles, Amendment Act 2012 and the new Australian Privacy Principles).

We may change the terms from time to time so please check our privacy policy regularly online at, request a copy by emailing us on [email protected] This privacy policy was last updated in March 2014.

Collection of information

We collect personal information where the information is necessary for us to carry on our business and provide our services. In this context, “collect” means gather, acquire or obtain by any means, information in circumstances where the individual is identifiable or identified.

The type of information that we may collect includes identification information such as full name, address, telephone number, fax number, email, and if applicable place of work, job title and ABN. We may also monitor your purchase behaviour and website behaviour in order to provide you with the most relevant product information and offers, and ultimately serve you better.

Your personal information will be collected in accordance with the requirements of the Privacy Act. If you choose not to provide us with the required information we may not be able to process your transaction as desired.

Below are some examples of the situation where we may collect your personal information:

  • When you sign-up to our website mailing list
  • Once you contact us, we may keep a record of that correspondence
  • During conversation between you and our representatives
  • Where video surveillance or audio recording might be in use
  • When you place an order with us for goods and services, we need to know who you are and where you are in order to successfully process your transactions
  • When you apply for any form of credit, for us to bill you, properly assess an application for credit and to manage your account
  • When you apply for employment with us
  • As a consequence of regulatory requirements

Where possible we will collect your personal information directly from you by writing, by telephone, in person, through our website, and any other electronic communication channels.

We may also collect your information from those authorised to act on your behalf, such as an agent. When you provide us with personal information
about other individuals it is important that you obtain their consent. We rely on you to inform the individual that you have provided us with their
information, the purpose for which it may be used and how they can gain access to their information.

We may collect your information from a third party, such as a list provider, publicly accessible website and/or trade show organizer. In this situation, we will provide a “post collection notification” as soon as possible after the collection of information. This notification will outline who we are, how and for what purpose we collect your information, use of your information, the type of companies (parties) we may disclose your information to, how you can access, update or correct your information and how you can Opt Out from receiving any further direct marketing communication, free of charge.

To ensure we understand your needs more clearly we may need to ask you or others further questions. This information may be collected through our employees, contracted agents and service providers. Where reasonably possible we will ask you for this information directly.

Use and disclosure of information
We may use or disclose personal information for the primary purpose for which it was collected, such as:

  • Provision of products and services
  • Administrative and accounting purposes
  • Notification of updated pricing, product information, and service changes
  • Providing special offer and marketing communication
  • Record-keeping after your account has been deactivated or terminated

We will not sell, rent or lease personal information to a third party, except where consent has been obtained. However, personal information may be transferred to our service providers who can support us in delivering our products and service to you. These service providers include but are not limited to employees, contracted agents, delivery companies, mail houses, web hosting organizations and information technology providers, and third party fulfilment contractors. Currently, the majority of our service providers are located in Australia however, some service providers may be located overseas, primarily in America. As a result, personal information collected and held by us may be transferred overseas. Please note that Australian law may not apply to some of these entities.

Other circumstances where we may use or disclose your personal information:

  • Where you have provided consent for use or disclosure
  • Where required by law or law enforcement and government agencies
  • Where we reasonably believe that the use or disclosure of personal information can prevent or avoid imminent threat to persons health and safety or the public health and safety

Internet use

When you interact with us online our system may automatically send you tracking technologies such as “cookies”. A cookie is a small data file placed in a user’s web browser or written to a user’s hard drive when the website is accessed. There are two main types of cookies, a “session” cookie that last for a single browser session only and is deleted when the user closes the website browser. A “persistent” cookie remains on the user’s device, even while power is off, until it expires or is deleted. Once a user returns to the website which posted the cookie, the persistent cookie will be reactivated. Cookies can not read or access any other data from the users hard drive. Likewise, cookies do not themselves personally identify users, although they may identify the user’s browser.

We use cookies to optimize our website and provide a better online experience for stakeholders. We may also use cookies to gather statistical and other information about how the website is used, evaluate the effectiveness of advertising, provide tailored content and advertising, and improve the ease, security and efficiency of the website.

If you wish to restrict, entirely block or delete existing cookies, you can do so by referring to your web browser’s help/reference section. Consequently, your experience of our website might be affected.

We also collect information from our website using “IP files”. Our system will record/ log your IP address when you visit our website. The IP address is used to identify your computer on the internet which is then automatically recognized by our web server. The type of information we collect includes, but is not limited to, date and time of your visit to our website, the page viewed, the number of visits, your navigation through our website and any information downloaded. We may also collect non-personal information such as type of internet browser used and from which website you came onto our website from. This information will mainly be used for website performance analysis and assist us in providing you the most relevant offers, content, services and products.

Our website may contain links to other websites which may collect personal information about you. If you use these links, you will be leaving our website. Consequently, we are not responsible for the privacy compliance of these websites, their content and their usage of your personal information. Please read the privacy policy of these websites and ensure your personal information is secure.

Storage and Security of Information

We understand the importance of keeping your personal information secure. As a result, we have security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse and unauthorized access of your data. We protect secure data with industry-standard firewall and password protection systems which are only accessible by authorized staff.

Our service providers and employees who have access to your information have been made aware of the requirements of the Privacy Act and their responsibilities.

Data Integrity

We will take reasonable steps to ensure your personal information is held in a manner that is accurate, complete, relevant, up-to-data and is not misleading.

Access and correction of information

Stakeholders have the right to access their personal information held by us, in accordance with the Privacy Act. If stakeholders wish to access or correct their information they can do so by

  • logging in to the “My Accounts” section on the website,
  • sending an email to [email protected]
  • contacting the Privacy Officer (contact detail below).

If the information is not available on the website, then information will generally be granted within 14 days of the written request received by the Privacy Officer and once the identity of stakeholders has been verified. We will not charge a fee for processing the request unless the request is complex or is resource intensive. At the request of the individual and in accordance with the Privacy Act we will correct its records as soon as practically possible.

Opting Out of Marketing and Promotions

If at any time you wish to stop receiving any marketing communication from us you can do so by:


We will investigate your complaint and attempt to resolve any breaches in accordance with the applicable legislation in a reasonable timeframe. If you are not satisfied with the procedure and outcome you may request that an independent person investigate your complaint.

Contact Us on +613 55 612 514 or email [email protected]