What is the difference between a single wall and double wall coffee cup?

What is the difference between a single wall and double wall coffee cup?
To start off with the biggest difference between the two grades of coffee cups will be the price and the quality and thickness of the cup.

The most commonly used take out coffee containers are single wall paper cups for hot beverages that are normally available in sizes from 4 oz – 16 oz. These are made in high-quality food grade paper. Some of the biggest coffee houses like Starbucks started using paper cups instead of plastic foam cups. Foam is now out of fashion for takeaway coffee.

The untold standard for the coffee to go market is a single wall- this is predominately in Europe and the USA, in Australia, for example, most coffee vendors are using a double wall or triple wall corrugated cups. Buyers can also choose biodegradable paper cups with food grade and odourless ink that will give your customer a premium feel but will definitely add to the price of a cup of coffee. Double wall caps are the best solution for taking home or mobile drinks.

These cups are manufactured with an air barrier between the inner and outer paper wall that creates an insulating air pocket keeping the drink warmer for a longer period of time and protecting your customer from the heat emitted from the hot beverage. They also protect from burning your hands on hot drinks and offer more stability when moving the drinks around.

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