What is the best Packaging for shipping & storage

What Type of Packaging is Best for Transporting & Storing Items?

If you are asking the question of what packaging is best to use for the safe transporting or the storing of your items, and where can I find them all in one convenient place well, well – you have come to the right place for the answers.

Fragile goods often get damaged when they in transit due to poor packing of the items. Goods that have been stored incorrectly for a long period of time can also suffer the wear and tear of laying dormant and be prone to damage from insects, moisture and heat.  

Depending on what you are packing, the number of packing materials needed will vary.

For fragile goods – use a box or a carton that is at least twice the size of the object. This is to provide a cushioning area in the carton that is enough room for a protective layer to form. This will protect the object should it fall or be bumped during transit. 

To summarise

  1. Purchase packing boxes from Packaging Pro that are double cushioned and sturdy enough to do the job. These boxes are made especially for removalists and for storing goods.
  2.  Buy some bubble wrap to wrap around the objects and cushion the inside the carton.  https://www.packagingpro.com.au/bubble-wrap-1.5%20M?keyword=bubb
  3. Purchase a Tape Dispenser and some proper packing tape. This will aid in sealing the boxes correctly and keeping moisture and air out . https://www.packagingpro.com.au/product/tape-dispenser/
  4. Label the cartons as being fragile. Stick safety adhesive tape over and around the packing box to alert the removalists or others that the product being transported is fragile.
  5. Never stack the boxes to high or place to much weight on the top of the box.
  6. Secure the cartons so that they cannot move around in transit.

Remember handle with care is the best moto. 

You can purchase all items related to securely packaging your valuables on https://www.packagingpro.com.au/

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