The Stand Up Pouch

One of the near recent innovations in packaging has to be the stand-up pouches range. This is a welcome addition to the disposable packaging market.   

Definition:  Stand-Up Pouch – A pouch that is pleated and sealed on the bottom so that it can stand upright. It is a type of form/fill/seal package.

Pouches are quite revolutionary in disposable packaging as some can be reused, vacuumed and sealed and printed upon. 

The pouches come in many sizes ranging for 70 grams to 4 kilograms. 

They also come is a variety of colours, some two-tone with different coloured sides and some in just plain clear or transparent.    

The Box Pouch has just made its debut into the Australian market and will soon be available on Packaging Pro Australia. 

These pouches are mainly used in food presentation applications for confectionary, cereals and coffee beans. Some also come with a valve for locking in freshness.   

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