The Return of the Brown Paper Bag

Packaging Pro Australia has noted that the trusty old brown paper bag is making a return in popularity as far as merchants; food service and packaging products are concerned.

Packaging consumers are looking at ways of presenting their products in a more natural way. When presented with some old but good ways of packaging their produce – they are often surprised and willing to try it again.

Kraft Brown Paper Bags come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and thickness.

Food grade paper bags range in size from ½ long to 12 long, (Inches), and have served the disposable packaging industry well for many years. They also come in a square format and range from 1 square to 12 square.

The food grade bags are also available in white and the bags can also come lined to make sure they are grease proof. These bags are called greaseproof lined or also known as GPL bags.

The food grade bags are used in Bakeries, Takeaways and some Supermarkets.

Another type of brown paper bag making a return is the old-fashioned checkout bag. The check out bag ranges in sizes from number 6 to number 20. With these bags that prove popular with Market Traders and Shopkeepers – the seller simply turns down the top of the bag and the passes over the bag ready to go.

For an item of heavier weight, the Kraft rope handle bag can be used. These come in  many sizes, runt, baby, and a toddler right up to a large size which measures 500mm (High) x 450mm (Wide) + 125mm (Gusset) 

The paper bag produces little waste volume, can be recycled and is becoming more and more part of the sustainable packaging family.

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