HERMA – Self Adhesive Labels for Packaging Pro Australia

Self Adhesive Labels:

When it comes to self-adhesive labels, you want the best. Here at Packaging Pro Australia, we have the best. We partner with HERMA, a leading label manufacturer in the B2B sector with an international presence and comprehensive chain of expertise.

HERMA offers customised unprinted or printed labels in a variety of print qualities. As one of their partners, we are proud to offer our customers the best self-adhesive labels on the market. Let’s take a look at what makes HERMA so special.

HERMA’s Business Divisions:

HERMA operates out of three business divisions: Material, Office and Home, and Labelling Machines. Each division is focused on providing excellent quality products and services tailored to meet a specific customer’s needs. The Material Division specializes in producing adhesive materials for producing self-adhesive labels for all types of industry sectors, from healthcare to food packaging. Their Office and Home Division provides high-quality office supplies that enable customers to create their customised labels using their existing equipment. Finally, the Labelling Machines Division offers custom labelling machines that are designed specifically for individual businesses’ needs. In this way, HERMA can provide its customers with the best solutions tailored to their exact requirements.

The Benefits of Working With HERMA

When you choose to work with HERMA through Packaging Pro Australia, you can be sure that you are getting top quality products at affordable prices. Their extensive range ensures that there will be something suitable for any application or budget requirement. Additionally, Herma’s team of professionals have years of experience in designing and producing customised labels for all types of industries and applications. This means that your organisation can benefit from having access to a wide range of expert advice and support when it comes to selecting the perfect label solution from HERMA’s range of products and services.

By partnering with Herma through Packaging Pro Australia, your organisation can benefit from world-class service and quality assurance that only comes from working with a global leader in self-adhesive technology and production solutions like Herma.


Packaging Pro Australia is proud to partner with such an esteemed company as HERMA when it comes to providing our customers with superior self-adhesive labels solutions tailored exactly according to their needs and budgets!If you’re looking for reliable adhesive label solutions tailored specifically for your needs then look no further than partnering with us here at Packaging Pro Australia together with our friends over at Herma! You won’t be disappointed!

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