Wrapmaster 4500 Cling Wrap and Foil Dispenser 460mm wideM802


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18″ wide, Wrapmaster 4500 from Baco. This extremely hygienic and convenient cling film/foil dispenser is a must have for any kitchen. Featuring removable non-slip feet and a lockable lid, this dispenser can be stored away neatly or wall mounted with optional wall bracket. Reducing waste by up to 35% with its push to cut lid, the dispenser will cut tangle free every time and can be cleaned by hand or by machine up to 80°c (180°f).

Please note that only Wrapmaster re-fills will fit this dispenser.

Product features

  • Dimensions 450(W)mm
  • Weight 2.21kg
  • Hygienic and professional.
  • Removable feet
  • Lockable lid
  • Dishwasher safe to 80°c
  • Easy to use – cuts tangle free
  • Compatible only with other Wrapmaster products
  • Compatible with Foil J371
  • Compatible with roasting film GH029
  • Compatible with parchment GM214
  • Please note that only Wrapmaster refills will fit this dispenser

Additional information

Weight 2.20700000 kg


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