Vogue Polypropylene Gastronorm Pan 1/2 with Lid 200mmGJ517


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Store your food safely and efficiently, with these Vogue 1/2 GN food containers with lids (11.7Ltr). Constructed from durable polypropylene plastic, these containers resist warping and shattering, enabling them to stand up to years of commercial kitchen usage, which saves you money on buying replacements. Featuring a tight-fitting lid, these containers keep your food fresher for longer and safe from bacteria, allowing you to cut down your wastage and ensure your menu is kept fully-stocked. The 11.7Ltr size of these containers allows for storing a decent amount of items, saving you space and saving you money on buying other containers. There is a permanent wipe clean label fixed to each container, helping you keep to track of foods and quickly identify them during a busy service. The pull tab allows for quick and easy opening, saving you time when you need to access your food quickly. The set of tabs included (red, yellow, green and blue) are also colour coded, allowing you store different types of food pertaining to the colour. These containers are dishwasher safe, allowing you to put them straight in your dishwasher and save time on manual washing. They¿re also freezer safe for storing food in the freezer and keeping it clean and organised. These containers are versatile pieces of kitchen equipment from specialist brand Vogue. Capacity: 11.7 Ltr

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