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Store a large amount of ingredients, with this Vogue ingredient bin with scoop (81Ltr). This bin is a great way to store a large quantity of ingredients. Fill it with flour or other ingredients and store it under a workstation for quick and easy access. The clear sliding lid allows for quick access and immediate identification of contents, saving you time during periods. The opening to the bin is a decent size, allowing you to fit the included scoop inside and take out your desired amount of ingredients. Constructed from strong polypropylene plastic, the bin resists warping and denting, enabling it to stand up to years of commercial kitchen usage, which saves you money on buying replacements. Fitted with castor wheels, the bin is easily maneuverable in any direction, permitting you to move around obstacles and save time. The 81Ltr size is a decent size for storing a large amount of ingredients, which saves you money on buying multiple bins. This bin is a top quality piece of food storage equipment from leading brand Vogue. Colour: White. Capacity: 81 litre.

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