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Make great jams and preserves, with this Vogue clip top preserve jar (750ml). Theres something really satisfying about preserving summer fruits for dark winter days. When the rains coming down, you can look up at your kitchen shelf and see your wonderful creations all lined up in shiny jars. Its particularly nice at Christmas, with all those cold cuts crying out for some lovely pickle or chutney. The clip top and rubber ring form a completely airtight seal, which stops bacteria from getting inside and spoiling your product. The rubber rings are very important for achieving an airtight seal, and any rip or tear means the seal is probably lost. Check your seals before use, and buy replacements if necessary. The seal is made from natural rubber without chemicals, eliminating anything unnatural from getting into your preserves and ensuring a high-quality product every time. The large 750ml size of this jar is similar to an extra-large jar of jam in a supermarket, allowing you to make a large amount of product and save money on buying extra jars. Preserve jars are the iconic container for your jams and preserves. 0.75 litre capacity.

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