Victorinox 25cm Chefs Knife with Hygiplas and Vogue Knife SetF202


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This seven piece knife set combines Victorinox, Hygiplas and Vogue products. The Victorinox knives are crafted from high carbon steel, creating a razor sharp cutting edge. And they are ice-tempered to retain their sharpness for longer. Each Victorinox knife has a fibrox handle thats light to hold, while its non-slip material magnifies your control when slicing tough food. The Hygiplas knives are made with durable stainless steel blades and impact resistant nylon handles. While Vogues sharpening steel is made with medium coarse blade best suited to knives sharpened regularly. An additional layer of hard chrome gives an even higher wear resistance. So you can sharpen a dull blade if you dedicate time to it. The moulded plastic handle is light and comfortable to hold, giving you full control when you manipulate the sharpening angle. 25cm Chefs Knife Set and Wallet

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