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Keep your filter coffee hotter for longer with this premium Buffalo shatter-resistant coffee jug. Designed with a conductive stainless steel base, the jug offers superb heat retention and distribution, perfectly sustaining the temperature of your brew to maximise output and reduce wastage. This stainless steel base, combined with the premium polycarbonate construction, makes this coffee jug exceptionally robust, durable and shatter-resistant, allowing it to endure the rigours of daily commercial use without breaking or damaging. Completed with a precision spout and ergonomic handle, this jug allows for effortless and accurate pouring, reducing spills to keep your establishment clean at all times. A black collar also allows your staff to easily identify the jug as one that stores regular coffee, preventing any mix ups when serving to your customers. Capacity: 1.8 Ltr. Black collar for ordinary coffee.

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