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Control your wastage and ensure optimal food safety with the Vogue colour-coded food rotation starter kit; featuring day-of-the-week removable labels and a 2 dispenser. Containing colour-coded labels for every day of the week, this pack guarantees all food used and prepared in your kitchen is fresh and not past its sell by date, saving you money on wasted ingredients while ensuring you strictly follow food hygiene regulations. Featuring item, name, quantity, use-by and date sections, these labels ensure you are able to record all relevant information for incredibly accurate and safe food rotation. The labels are also effortless to remove, leaving no adhesive residue to keep your storage equipment and packaging in pristine condition at all times. A hardwearing and transparent plastic label dispenser also helps to keep your labels organised and easily accessible for immediate use, making for a tidier and smoother kitchen. Removable Day of the Week 2 label set and dispenser

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