Polar 2 Door Counter Fridge 282Ltr Stainless SteelG596-A


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Providing both a supreme amount of storage space and a counter for preparing your dishes, this Polar 2 Door Counter Refrigerator is ideal for any commercial kitchen, especially one short on space. With two doors and a Gastronorm compatible interior, this counter top fridge has self closing doors, user friendly controls with digital display, and a rapid chill recovery rate. So, not only is this counter fridge easy to use, its also excellent at what it does. This unit features an incredibly heavy duty compressor, which is effective at keeping the internal temperature down, even when ambient temperatures are up to 43°C. Ensure you maintain a 20cm gap between the machine itself and the wall to allow the ventilation system to function effectively. This unit it also not suitable for use directly next to a heat source. 1360(W)mm. Capacity: 282Ltr. Tropical

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