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Boasting incredible durability and practicality, this glass coffee jug is a must-have for any fast-paced café, diner or restaurant. Crafted from high quality glass, the coffee pot is immensely robust and highly shatter-resistant, allowing it to endure knocks and bangs in any busy commercial catering establishment without breaking or damaging. Featuring an ergonomically designed handle with an integrated finger guard, the coffee jug enables easy lifting while preventing contact between skin and hot glass, ensuring optimal comfort and safety when pouring. An orange tab on the top of the jug signifies it is for storing decaffeinated coffee, enabling the quick and easy identification of its contents to prevent any mix ups when serving to your customers. This glass jug works with a variety of coffee machines, including the Buffalo Commercial Coffee Machine (Product Code: G108). Capacity: 1.8 Ltr. (For G108-A Coffee Machine).

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