Auto Strapping Machine Pacmasta TRS-600TRS-600


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Auto Strapping Machine Pacmasta TRS-600

The Auto Strapping Machine Pacmasta TRS-600  is an economical automatic strapping machine for wide straps (8 mm-15.5 mm). With proven quality and competitive price, it is the most cost-effective solution for wide straps general-purpose application.

TRS-600 Features

  • Simplicity – easy operations and maintenance
  • Affordable for every budget
  • Tension control – tension can be set easily with dial

Pacmasta TRS-600 Technical Data

Strap Width Strap Thickness Strap Tension Speed/minute Net Weight Arch Size Power
8mm – 15.5mm 0.55mm – 0.75mm 10-70kg 27 straps 220 kg 850mm(W) x 600mm(H) 220V 50Hz 1PH


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