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Packaging has been around for many centuries and had only come to light with the advent of consumerism. 
It can make the difference of whether an item sells or not, whether this be retail or wholesale sales.

Packaging can be grouped together as processes (such as cleaning, drying, preserving) and materials (such as glass, metal, paper or paperboard, plastic) employed to contain, handle, protect, and/or transport an article. 

The role of packaging is rather vast and may include functions such as to attract attention, assist in promotion, provide machine identification (barcodes, etc.), impart essential or additional information, and help in utilization. 
The test marketing of a product’s packaging is often employed to measure if the product is correctly presented for its target market.  This can determine the success or failure of an items attractiveness. 

Packaging Pro Australia understands and are experts in product packaging and the placement of consumables. 
Our team are willing to assist you in choosing the right packaging for your product and brand.  

Packaging Pro offer:  

Printing facilities for the branding of your paper or plastic goods. For example, we can arrange branding of your coffee cups, napkins, plastic bags, paper, detergents and chemicals. 
This is ideal for takeaway shops, catering and businesses such as Hotels and Motels. 
Any type of business can benefit from correct branding.  
Advice on the type of packaging to be used and what’s applicable for your market. 
Our packaging is segregated in the following groups: Paper, Plastic, Renewables – Eco-friendly, Foil, Foam & Detergents.  

Our pricing is competitive and our products are chosen from the quality end of the market to give you the assurance that when purchasing our products, you will be satisfied.
Customer Services can be contacted on 1300 209 270

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