Packaging Pro Australia announces new Eco Friendly and Green Products

Packaging Pro Australia has been selling all types of packaging materials and products to the Australian market now since 1992.

In January of 2015, their website was launched to give their clients a better range of packaging products such as eco-friendly and green recycled packaging options.

Eco-friendly and green items are classified as those that:

  • Come from renewable and sustainable materials, like cornstarch, recycled paper products, or paper that is sourced from sustainable forestry, that has little or no impact on the environment.   
  • These products can be recycled or upcycled
  • They can biodegrade naturally in waste landfills

Packaging Pro’s Director Paul Horan says, “If we look hard enough at all the packaging options available on the Australian and Global market, then we can find many green alternatives that are most competitive in price and quality. Customers need not to fear that eco packaging is too expensive to use as an everyday option for their disposable packaging needs.”

Over the past 2 months, Packaging Pro has added some 200 eco-friendly products to their portfolio of 1,500 disposable packaging items.

In the washroom section, facial tissues, toilet tissue/rolls and hand towels are now known as green products. All are 100 pct recycled and are quality products. 

In the takeaway food packaging section, recycled paper is showcasing clients produce and items for sandwich platters, baguettes, fish and chips and bakery items such as paper cake slides, cake boxes and patisseries.

Madeleine Horan the companies director said, “ I just adore the new types of eco packaging that are available now on the Australia Packaging market,. I find that when selecting takeaway food, good presentation always adds to the appeal of the items and the freshness of the food.”

To see any of the new green and eco-friendly range, please visit where you can find over 250 exciting products to choose from   

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