New Cling Film Dispenser for Commercial Use

Packaging Pro Is pleased to announce the arrival of the Saf-T-Wrap Dispenser for cling film , foil and paper rolls.

Benefits include

  • Makes proper food rotation faster and easier by combining wrapping and date labelling tools in one convenient location.
  • Saf-T-Wrap® Station holds film or foil, dating labels and includes storage areas for box cutters, pens and markers.
  • Safer and more sanitary than dirty film and foil boxes, Saf-T-Wrap® Station’s commercial-grade suction cup feet hold securely to countertops during use, minimising cut injuries.
  • Saves money by reducing labelling time and minimising food waste by aiding in FIFO food rotation.
  • Dispenses dating labels in multiple sizes and configurations.
  • Available with safety blade for film, foil and paper.

Available to purchase at

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