Micro-perforated Gusseted French Bread Bags

We are pleased to announce the new arrival of Micro-perforated Gusseted French Bread Bags

The bags come in cartons of 1000 and will be a welcome addition to any Bakers packaging lines.

The dimensions of the bags are 750mm long x 100mm wide x 50mm Side Gusset (external).

The baguette Bags are perforated all over except for edges for conversion

The material the bags are made from is called BOPP and their strength and thickness measure 30um.

The bags are a new product line for Packaging Pro Australia and for the Australian market.

The micro-perforated bags will allow bread sticks such as baguettes and French stick to breath and not go soft and soggy.  Allowing the bread to retain its crispness and freshness.

Please send us all your firm enquiries. Bulk discounts apply on orders greater than 10 cartons

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