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KN95 Face Mask with value respirator (5Ply) per 30 units

KN95 Face Mask with value respirator (5Ply) per 30 units
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  • Model KN95FM5PLYR

 Help maintain a healthy respiratory system with this KN95 respirator, reducing exposure to bacteria, viruses and potentially harmful airborne biological contaminants.

·         Reduce exposure to airborne biological contaminants*

·         Help protect your lungs against bacteria and viruses

·         Filter mould, allergens and dust particles out of the air you breathe

·         Advanced electrostatically charged filter helps you breathe cleaner air

·         Adjustable nose clip to help ensure a secure, custom seal

·         Soft interior foam and braided headbands

·         Lightweight, disposable design


Sealed and secure design

The adjustable nose clip conforms to the shape of your face, ensuring a secure, air-tight seal while the soft interior foam provides comfort for long hours of use.

Benefits of P2/KN95/N95 respirators

Also known as P2 respirators, disposable KN95 respirators filter out very fine particles from the air and reduce the risk of transmitting airborne infectious diseases while working in or passing through potentially contaminated environments.