Food Pail or Noodle Box?

There has always been a bit of fun attached on whether you call it a noodle box or a food pail!

The noodle box gained it name from the Chinese Restaurateurs food dishes and the name Food Pail was coined from a workers lunch box for carrying hot foil in the shape of a pail.

Food Pails have their use in hospitality and are used in many applications. They are favoured by many Caterers for serving many guests The paper pails range in size from 8 oz to 32 oz and are mainly white in colour. Some pails have a carrying wire attached to them to make them easy to transport. Others have a cellophane window that allows the contents of the box to be visible.

Packaging Pro Australia stocks food pails, which are mainly sold in cartons of 500 units. You can find these under the food packaging section.

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