Foil Containers and Lids

Australians favourite foil container is the Confoil Range, which is made right here in Australia. 

Confoil has been making takeaway foil containers and foil rolls in Australia for many years, with the exception of their 7000 series which are made overseas. 

Confoil is Australia’s only manufacturer of quality aluminium foil trays and ovenable paperboard trays.

Associated products such as foil and film wrapping and paper and parchment baking products complement the core product range. 

The products we stock online are:

  • Foil Containers and Lids
  • Foil Containers without Lids
  • Speciality Foil Containers
  • Dualpak ready Trays
  • Pulp Board Trays
  • Decorative Baking Moulds
  • Parchment Muffin Wraps
  • BBQ Roasting Foils

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