Caring for timber floors!

Dust & allergy free floors

don’t just spread dust, fight it! with Sabco’s range of ultra grab microfibre.

1. Avoid dust build up on your floors and get into a regular dusting routine. Use the Dry pad from your microfibre mop or the New Sabco Dust & Shine Floor Swish with lightly infused disposable cloths for unbeatable dust pick-up. Regular floor dusting removes even the finest dust and dirt particles on hardwood floors in between sweeping/vacuuming that can damage the surface. You would be amazed at how much dust they pick up, even on a daily basis.

2. Dust/ wipe down furniture in the house weekly and vacuum carpets to remove excess fluff.

3. Don’t forget to change the dusty filters for your air conditioner.

4. To dust all other hard surfaces, electronic devises, blinds, ornaments, hard to reach areas and even indoor plants use Sabco Microfibre Duster Range. Simply machine wash when done, ready to start fresh next time you dust.

Information provide by SABCO Australia

Packaging Pro Australia is an Authorised SABCO Distributor

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