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16 May Dessert Cups
Paul 0 391
Dessert cups and containers are ideal for any commercial dessert bar, hospitality event or celebration.  Typically high-end caterers choose these containers for their visual appeal, marketability and ..
13 Mar Palm Leaf Plates and Bowls
Paul 0 514
We have an attractive alternative to your standard plastic and paper plates...... Our fully compostable palm leaf tableware range, which includes plates, platters and bowls may be the solution you’re ..
25 Aug New Cling Film Dispenser for Commercial Use
Paul 0 1041
Packaging Pro Is pleased to announce the arrival of the Saf-T-Wrap Dispenser for cling film , foil and paper rolls.Benefits includeMakes proper food rotation faster and easier by combining wrapping an..
24 Aug Allergen Saf-T-Zone™ System for Food Service
Paul 0 484
Allergen Saf-T-Zone™ System for Food ServiceOne of the things people rarely discuss when talking about going to culinary school or becoming a chef is what happens when you are physically unable to wor..
03 Sep What is the best Packaging for shipping & storage
Paul 0 638
What Type of Packaging is Best for Transporting & Storing Items?If you are asking the question of what packaging is best to use for the safe transporting or the storing of your items, and where can I ..
22 May Foil Containers and Lids
Paul 0 659
Australians favourite foil container is the Confoil Range, which is made right here in Australia. Confoil has been making takeaway foil containers and foil rolls in Australia for many years, with the ..
21 May Pallet Wrap
Paul 0 504
Pallet or stretch film is a highly stretchable plastic film that is wrapped around items. The elastic recovery keeps the items tightly bound. In contrast, shrink-wrap is applied loosely around an item..
30 Apr Micro-perforated Gusseted French Bread Bags
Paul 0 466
We are pleased to announce the new arrival of Micro-perforated Gusseted French Bread Bags. The bags come in cartons of 1000 and will be a welcome addition to any Bakers packaging lines.The dimensions ..
28 Apr Packaging Supplies for the Office
Paul 0 337
Packaging Pro Australia has lots of quality products to help you in sourcing your hygienic and washroom supplies for the Office.We stock traditional items such as roll towel, toilet tissue either indi..
03 Apr Packaging for Serving Finger Food & Multiple Guests
Paul 0 376
Packaging Pro has many brilliant ideas on how to keep your guests happy at a corporate or private function. The disposable packaging market has blossomed in recent years with the introduction of many ..
24 Mar Food Pail or Noodle Box?
Paul 0 384
There has always been a bit of fun attached on whether you call it a noodle box or a food pail!The noodle box gained it name from the Chinese Restaurateurs food dishes and the name Food Pail was coine..
23 Mar The Return of the Brown Paper Bag
Paul 0 587
Packaging Pro Australia has noted that the trusty old brown paper bag is making a return in popularity as far as merchants; food service and packaging products are concerned.Packaging consumers are lo..
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