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28 Mar Zero Waste Packaging Is on the Rise
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Given the entire purpose of packaging, the idea of “zero waste” may seem counter-intuitive. How can you package anything without inevitably causing some leftover waste? Turns out, zero waste packaging..
21 Mar 5 packaging trends emerging in 2019
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In the ever-changing packaging industry, new styles come and go; consumers’ needs and desires shift and evolve; and brands are always on the lookout for a way to get ahead in their respective markets...
17 Apr Vacuum Pouches
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Vacuum Pouches – Packaging Pro AustraliaPackaging Pro Australia has added vacuum pouches to its list of products that are now available for sale on line and in store at 178 Raglan Parade, Warrnambool...
25 Aug New Cling Film Dispenser for Commercial Use
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Packaging Pro Is pleased to announce the arrival of the Saf-T-Wrap Dispenser for cling film , foil and paper rolls.Benefits includeMakes proper food rotation faster and easier by combining wrapping an..
02 Mar Caring for timber floors!
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Dust & allergy free floorsdon’t just spread dust, fight it! with Sabco’s range of ultra grab microfibre.1. Avoid dust build up on your floors and get into a regular dusting routine. Use the Dry pad fr..
15 Feb Bio Plastic Cold Cups & Deli Containers
08 Feb Hidden Areas Flat Mop System - 100 cm
05 Sep Packaging
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Packaging Pro Australia Packaging has been around for many centuries and had only come to light with the advent of consumerism. It can make the difference of whether an item sells or not, whether this..
02 Sep The Banning of Polystyrene Foam
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The Banning of Polystyrene FoamIf you read today’s BBC website then you may have come across this article. It tells of a City’s reluctance to accept foam as a sustainable product for disposable packag..
09 Aug Additives to make plastic biodegradable don’t work!
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One of the common concerns about plastic packaging is that it is generally non-biodegradable and will persist in the environment for extremely long periods of time once thrown away. In the Pacific Oce..
03 Apr Packaging for Serving Finger Food & Multiple Guests
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Packaging Pro has many brilliant ideas on how to keep your guests happy at a corporate or private function. The disposable packaging market has blossomed in recent years with the introduction of many ..
28 Mar The Stand Up Pouch
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One of the near recent innovations in packaging has to be the stand-up pouches range. This is a welcome addition to the disposable packaging market.   Definition:  Stand-Up Pouch - A pouch that is ple..
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