Detergents Online 

Australian made detergents have arrived at Packaging Pro for immediate sales and distribution.  

Our detergents and chemicals meet and exceed all the health and safety criteria that you would expect from a quality product. 

The detergents are sold in 20 litres and 5-litre plastic containers and the 20-litre containers come with an easy dispensing bung and screw in tap for efficient and safe dispensing of the products. 
Chemical composition and health and safety fact sheets are available for each product. 

Our Detergent Products include: 

Lemon Burst Detergent :

 Is a liquid detergent with a lemon scent. It produces oceans of suds instantly that will cut through food and grease deposits faster than any other dishwashing detergent available. Makes dishes, glassware, and utensils sparkle without scratch, acid or alkali action.
Makes light work of grease and ideal for handwashing dishes 
Applications: Ideal for commercial, business and home use.

Green Apple Hand Cleaner 

Green Apple hand cleaner has been developed to quickly remove tough grease, oils and grime from hands. Our industrial strength liquid hand cleaner has a pleasant GREEN APPLE fragrance.

Automatic Dishwashing Liquid 

Recommended for small domestic and large industrial machines.

A highly concentrated detergent liquid for the effective removal of animal fats and grease vegetable oils tannin stains from all crockery cutlery and glassware products.

It also eliminates odours inside your dishwasher machine leaving your dishes sparkling clean.
When combined with a suitable Rinse Aid liquid it will give superior cleaning results in all types of Automatic dishwashing Machines.

This heavy-duty alkaline detergent is specifically formulated to remove soilage grease and tannin from dishes crockery and cutlery in all types of commercial dishwashing machines.

Rinse Aid 

Rinse Aid is a clear red liquid with no odour. Rinse Aid has been specially formulated to eliminate water spotting on glassware, crockery and cutlery. It is also designed to help disperse the rinse water to ensure the rapid drying of dishes and utensils. This product is suitable for all water conditions, simple and safe to use.
Rinse Aid has an advanced formula that eliminates the possibility of scale formation within the washing machine ensuring excellent performance. Rinse Aid is ideally suited for use in all commercial and automatic ware washing machines. Leaves glasses sparkling and clean.  

Lavender Laundry Powder  10 KG  

Is a lavender perfumed non-caustic industrial laundry powder, suitable for washing in hot and cold water.  Used in industrial, commercial and domestic applications. Ideal for Motels, Hotels and Restaurants

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To order or receive advise on any of these products or any other, please telephone Customer Service on 1300 207 290 or email