Blenders and food processors – the how and why

Blenders and food processors – the how and why


Why you need one

  • Have a larger capacity for blending smoothies and soups.
  • Traditional blenders can emulsify mayo, puree soup, make smoothies and blend frozen drinks and cocktails.
  • Relatively cheap.

Must-have features

  • Suitable for crushing ice.
  • Feature a pulse function.
  • Have a secure lid that’s easy to remove.

Super blenders

Popular brands include Vitamix, Breville, Optimum, Oster, Blendtec, KitchenAid and BioChef.

Why you need one

  • Super blenders are suitable for emulsifying dressings and mayonnaise, pureeing soup, making silky smooth smoothies and blended cocktails, sorbet, grinding nut butters and crushing ice. Some spin so fast they can even heat raw vegetables and liquids to a gentle temperature, resulting in a quick and healthy soup.
  • If you’re committed to a healthy diet and want velvety-smooth smoothies, purees and soups.
  • Construction-wise, they’re more solid than cheaper blenders.

Single-serve blenders

Popular models include the Nutribullet, Bellini EnerGI Nutrient Blender, Kambrook Blitz2Go and the MagicBullet.

Why you need one

  • Blends fruits and vegetables to a liquid and lets you drink on the go from the same bottle. Some water is usually added to aid with the blending.
  • It’ll help you to get wholefoods into your diet in a drinkable form.
  • Can increase your RDI of fruit and veg intake.
  • Great way for kids to get fruit and veg into their diet.
  • Suitable for busy people heading off to work and school kids who can whip up a healthy drink of blended fruits and vegetables every day without much supervision.

Food processors

Popular brands include Breville, Cuisinart, Kambrook, Magimix and Sunbeam.

Why you need one

  • Makes labour-intensive tedious prep jobs quick and easy.
  • Replaces the mandolin, the grinder, the mixer, the mortar and pestle and the box grater.
  • Great for making pastry and doughs, grating, shredding, and slicing fruits and vegetables and grating hard cheese. Makes dips, curry pastes, batters and mayonnaise and finely chops bread crumbs.
  • People who are looking to save time in the kitchen but who like to make everything from scratch.
  • People who prepare a lot of fruits and vegetables – i.e. vegans and vegetarians.

Stick blenders with mini food processors

Why you need one

  • A stick blender is great for emulsifying mayo, pureeing soup in the pot, processing small batches of baby food and whipping cream.
  • A mini processor is great for finely chopping a single vegetable, making mayonnaise, pesto and dips and chopping or grinding small batches of bread crumbs and nuts.
  • A mini processor is suitable if you have limited space for a large food processor.
  • A stick blender is suitable if you like to make creamed or pureed soups and blend straight in the cooking pot rather than transferring batches of hot soup to a blender.
  • A mini processor is great for a single or couple household.
  • Helps with the tedious prep and allows you to make foods from scratch.

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